On a raining Saturday morning over 50 people gathered in Riverfront Park to walk for those living with mental health conditions. The crowd was filled with loved ones, board, staff, volunteers and community partners who came together to raise awareness and say mental health matters!! Olivette Orme our board President kicked off the event, “Thank you all for coming. I used to say NAMI Spokane was small, but mighty. Looking at the crowd here today I would say now we are just mighty!!”. We walked Riverfront Park holding our NAMI Spokane banner and talking to anyone who was also braving the weather about who NAMI Spokane is and what we do in the community. After our walk we enjoyed ice cream and spent time with one another in discussion on mental health and what we can do as community members and loved ones to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma so many are facing. The morning was filled with connection and hope. Over the past two years NAMI Spokane has changed and is growing. We now have 30 volunteers, 10 board members and 2 full time staff. We made it through the pandemic and are facing the new challenges head on. We are so thankful for all that joined us this year and look forward to growing again next year!