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NAMI Spokane offers hope and health for people who are experiencing mental health concerns and their families today, as we work to build a stigma-free tomorrow. Our education programs, support groups, and advocacy are offered at no cost to participants, and are all peer-led, by someone who has walked the same path.

Our Mission

NAMI Spokane is dedicated to empowering all who have been affected by mental illness, through advocacy, awareness, education, and support.

Our Vision

A world where all those impacted by mental health conditions know they are not alone and are empowered to live their most fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Self-care, empowerment, and integrity, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We Have the Power to Impact People’s Lives, by Working Together.

Our Recent Impact

Borderline Personality Disorder

Why We Need Better Representation of Borderline Personality Disorder

The problem with many of the BPD depictions we see on TV is that they fail to consider the totality of the character’s lived experience. Instead, they offer an incomplete view of the person, usually through the lens of another character’s fear and bewilderment.

The National Wellness Survey for Public Safety Matters. Here’s Why.

Our survey isn’t like most that you may have been asked to take. We ask you questions about difficult topics: trauma, drinking, depression.

How Social Media Is Changing the Way We Think About Mental Illness

As the 1 in 5 adults living with mental illness know all too well, accessing resources and receiving adequate care can be a challenging process.

Meet the NAMI Spokane Team

Everything we do is led by people who have been there too, you are not alone.

Our Staff


Chauntelle Lieske, Executive Director

Amanda Kaplan

Amanda Kaplan, Program Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

This is Olivette Orme’s second term on NAMI Spokane’s Board of Directors. She first served from 2015 to 2018. She was born and raised in eastern North Carolina, attended high school in Richmond, Virginia then spent a year in the Netherlands as an exchange student with the American Field Service. She returned to North Carolina where she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1976. After a two years back in Richmond as the Executive Director of Richmond’s arts festival, June Jubilee, she moved West in 1980 work as the Executive Director of the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City. There, she fell in love: with the West and with her husband, Eric, a Salt Lake native. They moved to Spokane in 1988 and raised three children, two sons and a daughter. Olivette discovered NAMI as a result of their youngest child who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when she was 13. She became a Family-to-Family teacher in 2014. Olivette has served on the Boards of Directors for Planned Parenthood and Saint George’s School and currently also serves on the Board for NAMI Washington. She is passionate about NAMI’s mission and excited to help build its capacity to serve the many in our community who live with mental illness as well as the families and friends who love them.

Olivette Orme, President


Keara Rypien, Secretary

Julianne moved to Spokane in 2018 after living abroad in support of her spouse’s military career. Her passion for mental health research and advocacy began when her brother started to exhibit symptoms of combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder. Eager to illuminate the biological mechanisms underlying stress-related mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety disorders, Julianne completed a doctorate in neuroscience where she investigated the effects of stress exposure on cognitive function. She has worked with non-profit organizations on a local and international level since 2012. However, the opportunity to use her background in research to advocate for mental health resources during her non-profit work abroad was particularly impactful for her. The desire to continue supporting mental health outreach and education efforts is what brought Julianne to NAMI Spokane, where she joined the Board in 2019. In her free time, Julianne spends as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors with her family and nurtures her creative side with art projects.

Julianne Jett, Member-at-Large

Linda has lived in Spokane for over 35 years. She grew up in Seattle, majored in Spanish at the University of Washington and spent a year at the University of Madrid. In the 70’s she worked several years for the Girl Scouts, organizing troops and managing volunteers in Central and South Seattle. Linda moved to Spokane with her future husband, Tim, after getting an MBA. She worked in financial analysis over the course of 25 years at four community banks while raising two sons and a daughter. Her career wrapped up in 2015 after she’d spent several years as SVP/Treasurer at AmericanWest Bank. Linda became involved with NAMI Spokane after her younger son was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2011. She and Tim attended a NAMI Family-to-Family course and Linda served on the NAMI Spokane board from 2016 to 2018. Her community involvement includes Transitions where she served as Board Chair from 2015 to 2017. Linda strongly believes in NAMI’s mission and wants to work in extending the reach of NAMI Spokane as it increases programs to serve a broader part of our community. Heidi Curnow

Linda Williams, Member-at-Large


Heidi Curnow, Member-at-Large


Tamara Sheenan, Member-at-Large